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Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Spring Cleaning, Part 3

Some Recommended Kits, Teas, and Herbs There are many wonderful cleansing kits, herbs and teas out there. This is by no means meant to be an all inclusive list but may provide a place to start your research and choose a regimen that is right for your […]

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Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Spring Cleaning Part 2

When and How to Eat While Cleansing Everyone may need to eat (or not eat, if you are doing a juice fast) a bit differently depending on your constitution during a cleanse.  However, there are some general guidelines that I can offer based on what I’ve read […]

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Liquid Sunshine Juice

Not only will this juice lift your spirits and have you dreaming of a tropical paradise, but it’s also highly nutritious, serves as a great digestive aid, and delivers many other health benefits, such as reducing inflammation and enhancing the beauty of your skin. Papaya is rich […]

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Cantaloupe-Ginger Juice for Beautiful Skin

This complexion-enhancing concoction will help improve your skin from the inside out and have you *glowing* in no time! A one cup serving of cantaloupe provides your daily requirement of Vitamins A & C, which are both excellent free-radical scavengers and collagen-promoters.  Cantaloupe is also rich in […]

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Popeye’s Tonic

We all know that Popeye’s secret to strength was his spinach intake, but he was also protecting himself against problems related to inflammation, oxidative stress, and cancer.  Spinach is a nutritional powerhouse containing over a dozen anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory flavonoid compounds.  Many of the phytonutrients, such as lutein, […]

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Tara’s Healing Tonic

I began experimenting with creating a juice recipe that would be hydrating, cleansing, and contain green juice. I would like to highlight some interesting facts about the ingredients. Beet juice is best known as a blood, liver, and kidney purifier. The pigment found in beets is called […]

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