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Liquid Sunshine Juice

Not only will this juice lift your spirits and have you dreaming of a tropical paradise, but it’s also highly nutritious, serves as a great digestive aid, and delivers many other health benefits, such as reducing inflammation and enhancing the beauty of your skin. Papaya is rich […]

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Cantaloupe-Ginger Juice for Beautiful Skin

This complexion-enhancing concoction will help improve your skin from the inside out and have you *glowing* in no time! A one cup serving of cantaloupe provides your daily requirement of Vitamins A & C, which are both excellent free-radical scavengers and collagen-promoters. ¬†Cantaloupe is also rich in […]

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Raw Plant Powered Beauty

It’s easy to create face masks and nourish the skin at home with raw, plant-powered nutrition. There is no need to spend money on costly beauty products that may also have harmful or harsh ingredients (e.g. parabens). Save money and time with a raw-food solution to your […]

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