Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Spring Cleaning, Part 3

Some Recommended Kits, Teas, and Herbs

There are many wonderful cleansing kits, herbs and teas out there. This is by no means meant to be an all inclusive list but may provide a place to start your research and choose a regimen that is right for your schedule, pocketbook, and overall needs.  Also, please see the Recipe section following for some homemade cleansing formulas, as it it not necessary to purchase a cleansing kit.

Ejuva Body Cleanse: See   Students, veterans, and seniors can use coupon code “student” for 20% off  as this cleanse is pricey but is my personal favorite.  It is 4 weeks long and contains over 96 herbs[i]

The Cleanse of Santa Fe: See Available in 7, 10, and 30 day kits.  Also quite expensive but my second favorite kit and includes the following four herbs and the teas listed below.

Triphala:  Assists natural internal cleansing, gently maintains regularity, nourishes and rejuvenates the tissues, supports healthy digestion and absorption, and is a natural antioxidant.

Reishi Mushroom:  Reishi is one of the greatest tonic herbs on earth.  It is revered in Asia as a tonic consumed for radiant health, longevity, and spiritual attainment.  It protects the entire body, especially the liver and heart.

Bupleurum and Rehmmania:  This is a deep detoxification formula.  It is famous in Asia for reducing the size of swollen lymph glands and toxic conditions.  It has amazing skin clearing effects.

Omphalia 11:  This is a special blend of Chinese herbs that has been used traditionally to facilitate the cleansing of parasites from the body.

Probiotics:  The digestive capabilities and the overall health status of the intestine are inextricably linked with the intestinal flora. The intestinal flora is adversely affected by antibiotics and unhealthful dietary habits. See Align at drug stores and New Chapter’s Colon Health at Health Food Stores

Spring Dragon Tea:  Composed of some of the best tonic herbs in the world (gynostemma, lo han guo, schizandra, lyceum, astrgalus, and Siberian ginseng).  It can reduce fatigue, improve digestion, strengthen the mind, regulate the central nervous system, and regulate cholesterol, blood sugar, and weight.

Yogi Tea’€™s Classic India Spice Tea:  This is the original €œYogi Tea€ formula.  It works on the respiratory, circulatory, nervous, skeletal, glandular, lymphatic, digestive, and elimination systems.

Yogi Tea’s Ginger Tea: Ginger is traditionally known to support digestion and the immune system.  According to Ayurveda, ginger activates the body’s fire element to purify Ama, or toxins, in the body.

Yogi Tea’€™s Detox Tea:  This works primarily to strengthen the liver function.  The tea also contains the five classic Yogi Tea spices and has the effect of building the nervous system and keeping you calm during a detoxification process.

Happy Spring Cleaning!


Listed below are some homemade cleansing formulas and raw food recipes to get started.  Please see Tara’s Healing Tonic and any of the recipes on the Plant Powered Living site to support you as well. Also, have a look at 101 Juice Fast Recipes in the Recommended Reading section following.

Master Cleanser

A homemade cleanser that you can drink daily during your cleanse


1 lemon (shaved, retain as much of the white pith as possible)

32 oz. of spring or purified water

1 ½ tbp of real maple syrup (grade B or C)

1 pinch of ground close spice or 3 whole clove spice buds

Instructions:  In a blender put 1 qt of purified water, the shaved lemon, the cloves and maple syrup.  Blend for 20-40 seconds.  It is not necessary, but you may strain some of the pulp if desired.


Coco Master Cleanser

Another option to drink Daily during a cleanse


2 limes (shaved, retain as much of the white pith as possible)

Water from 1 Thai Young Coconut

1/4 tsp Cayenne Pepper

Instructions:  Open coconut and save the water. Juice limes and add the juice and the cayenne pepper to the water.


Liver Flush

If doing a 7 day cleanse, you can drink this first thing on day 3 5


½ tsp whole cloves

3 sprigs parsley

2 oranges or tangerines peeled

½ lemon peeled

1 oz. (2 tbp) cold pressed extra virgin olive oil

1 pinch cayenne pepper

1 clove garlic

½ grapefruit peeled

1 to 2 inches of fresh ginger

Instructions:  Put 2 oz. of water in a blender.  Add all ingredients except olive oil.  Blend for one minute.  Using a semi-fine strainer, strain into a bowl.  Squeeze as much juice from the pulp as possible with a wooden spoon.  Put juice back in blender.  Add olive oil.  Blend again.  Drink on empty stomach first thing in the morning.  Directly after drinking liver flush, drink 8 oz. of Master Cleanser.  Don’t drink anything for at least 30 minutes.


Euphoria Soup

2 medium Beets

2 medium Carrots

1 large Cucumber, skinned

½ cup Avocado, mashed

1/3 cup Cilantro leaves, loosely packed

3 cup filtered water

2 tbp Lemon Juice

2 tbp Braggs Liquid Amino Acids

1 clove Garlic, crushed

1 small Serrano Chili, stemmed, seeded

1 tsp Onion Powder

¼ tsp Cumin

Instructions:  Finely grate first 3 ingredients.  Place grated veggies in blender and puree with all other ingredients until smooth.  Stir and serve or chill.  Garnish with additional cilantro.


Curried Yam Bisque

1 cup Yam, peeled, finely grated

½ Green Apple, peeled, grated

1 ½ cup Almond Milk

1 tsp Curry Powder

1 tsp Fresh Mint leaves, chopped

Instructions:  Grate the yam and apple.  Liquefy in a blender the remaining ingredients, float additional mint leaves on top for garnish.


Golden Temple Dressing

1 cup Fresh Carrot Juice

1 clove Garlic

½ medium Avocado

½ Lemon, juiced

1 inch Ginger

Instructions:  Blend until smooth


Avocado Dressing

1 Scallion chopped (just the green part)

1 clove Garlic, chopped

½ cup peeled, seeded, and cubed Cucumber

1 Avocado pitted and peeled

½ cup Lemon juice or less depending on your taste

1 tbp Olive Oil or more


Cayenne Pepper

Instructions:  In a food processor, combine the scallion, garlic and cucumber until finely minced.  Add the avocado, lemon juice, oil, salt, and cayenne to taste, processing until the dressing is smooth.  Refrigerate until ready to serve.  Refrigerated and tightly covered, this dressing will keep for up to a week.  It also a nice dressing for your favorite slaw recipe (see Fennel-Cabbage Slaw recipe).


Fennel Cabbage Slaw

2 small Zucchinis

1 small Yellow Squash

1 Carrot

1 bulb Fennel

½ head Cabbage

1 tbp Fresh Dill, minced

Instructions:  Julienne or slice zucchini, julienne the squash, thinly slice the carrots, shred the fennel, and shred the cabbage.  Toss in a bowl with any preferred dressing or try the Avocado Dressing recipe.


Thai Broccoli Salad

3 cup Broccoli chopped

1 cup Broccoli florettes

¼ cup Green Onions, minced

½ cup Cilantro leaves, chopped


½ tsp Ginger, skinned and freshly grated

½ tsp Garlic, minced

½ tbp Bragg’s Liquid Amino Acids

2 tsp Tahini

1½ Tbp Lemon Juice

Instructions :  Chop the stems of Broccoli and place them and the tops in a food processor.  Reserve a few clusters of florettes.  Pulse chop to a fine mince.  Transfer to large salad bowl.  Add florettes to bowl.  Add remaining ingredients.  Prepare the sauce by blending the ingredients, then toss into salad.  Chill. Serves 4.


Apple Pear Bisque

2 large Pears, skin, core, dice

2 tbp Lemon Juice

1 ½ cup Apple Juice (3 apples, juiced)

2 tbp Avocado, mashed

2 tbp Banana, mashed

Instructions:  Put the diced pears into a small bowl and stir in the lemon juice.  Blend the apple juice with the avocado and banana.  Pour the blended mixture over the pears and stir. Enjoy as is or chill slightly before serving. Garnish with thin lemon slice.

Bon Appetite!

Recommended Reading

101 Juice Fast Recipes by Carla Douglin.  This e-book can be found in the shop on Plant Powered Living.  This was the best buck I spent all year! (It literally costs $1.01 to download).

The Raw Transformation by Wendy Rudell

RAWvolution Gourmet Living Cuisine by Matt Amsden

Raw:  The Uncook Book: New Vegetarian Food for Life by Juliano Brotman

Raw Food/Real World:  100 Recipes to Get the Glow by Matthew Kenney

This concludes our 3 Part Cleaning Series.  As always, use what works and throw out what doesn’t.  Blessings to you on your Cleansing Journey!

Love, Light & Aliveness

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